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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Trend: Squiggle/Wiggly Eyebrows

Hey everyone!

So wiggly eyebrows what do y'all think? It is such a strange trend, I mean it would have happened at some point.
This is such a strange trend that honestly I am not the biggest fan of. The difference between this trend that is interesting is that no one has naturally wavy eyebrows. Where people can more naturally have thin or thick eyebrows. Our having them more clean cut also isn't that weird. This trend though is super crazy. Are people actually wearing this trend in public, I haven't seen it.
If you don't know what I am talking about here are some examples

Isabelle x

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Traits of Successful People

So you want to be successful? I am going to share some traits of highly successful people that you may want to work on possessing. Some of these traits are:

Read A Lot 
People who are successful tend to be reading all the time. These people are always learning, because they know there is so much more to learn. There is always more you can learn, they know that the competition could be learning more.

Research the Competition 
See what your competition is doing. Learn from other successful people, see what others are doing right and then do that better. Be better then them, be different and be smarter. Know your competition so that you can be one step ahead.

Wake Up Early 
Think about all those hours that you may be sleeping in the morning, that you could be working. Wish you had more hours in the day? Well you probably can, by waking up early. Work more then the competition by waking up early in the morning, don't sleep till noon get up and work!

Get Off Your Butt
Go out and work, get off the couch. Get active start pursuing your goals. Don't just look at peoples social media, stop just thinking about what you want to do. Just go out and do it, you wont be achieving much just from sitting on the couch. Get of social media, I hear many people even who are bloggers, or social media famous say that they work online to be super productive.

I think that being consistent in working hard is important. Consistent in being productive, working hard and doing your best will help you pursue your goals.

Create Positive Relationships
Build relationships with everyone you meet, you don't know how they may possibly benefit you in the future. They could one day owe you a favour and it be really good. Negative relationships are well obviously negative so work to have a positive relationship with everyone because they will tell others about you and who they may tell it will help you with your success.

Hope this helps
Isabelle xx

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Crazy Busy Life

Sometimes life is just truly crazy isn’t it? I mean sometimes I am in a lull waiting for the craziness to begin again. Or maybe some people actually have a steady life where the craziness is spread out. Strangely that has never been what it is like for me. I enjoy it when it is fast paced. It is always exciting. 
My life became fast paced from when I visited Canberra, that actual even wasn’t fast paced it was relaxing. I had a lovely time there. I would even say it was perfect. The day I got back though was when we started moving. Slept on the floor of the old house. By the next day we had moved most of the essentials and have been sleeping here since. So now I am back in Brisbane, the end of school and also I have 5 shifts this week. The end of the year is going to be crazy busy. End of year exams, quitting my job, formal, moving, getting a new job and then finally the lull. Though it will be a perfect break. A summer holidays that I look forward too. It will be one of change, lots of unknowns that I will find a way through. I will have moved out of home and away from my parents which is exciting and pretty scary. I am though very excited, I have never been more excited for this move and the excitement heightens every single day. 

And with that I better get back to hustling 

Isabelle xx 

Friday, October 06, 2017

My Productive Day


Hey everyone 
This is my productive day of yesterday!
8 am 
Wake up get dressed. Eat Breakfast which I had a piece of toast. 
I then Showered and did my regular morning routine. 

10 am 
After having a pretty slow morning I go to the library to do school. I do school online and do not have wifi at home at the moment. We get it Friday the excitement is real! 

Take a break from school and talk to my boyfriend on the phone

2pm I finish up school at this time and then I get a snack from the local shop to tied me over till I can cook myself lunch

I make myself a toasted sandwich with Roast Beef, Cheese, Tomato after it was toasted I added lettuce and some mustard.
The rest of my afternoon consists of hanging out with my family, working on school work, fixing up my room (it now looks good after the move, who would like to see it?) 

Have dinner Sang Chao Bao, this was delicious. Then work on the dishes 

Walk the dog in the rain, it is dark by now. I really enjoyed the pretty views that my new street has seeing all the lights of the city.

This is when I had a bubble bath, I used the taylor swift bubble bath and a black head strip. 
I read Girl Online: Going Solo by Zoe Sugg which I have been meaning to read for ages now. I found it hard because it felt young but I enjoyed the other books and have got into it now. I am enjoying it. What are you all reading? 

8:42 pm 
Go to the grocery store for some quick groceries. I did this in super comfy clothes. 
Then I talked with my family and messaged my boyfriend. 

Go to sleep. This day felt productive and really nice. I love it when I leave the house for things other then work. Doing school online is a great decision but it sure can get lonely especially for your first year in a new city. 
Would anyone like me to share my experience of online school? The pro and cons or how to know it is for you? 
I always dreamed of home schooling, was it something anyone else ever thought of? 

Till next time, 

Isabelle xxxx 

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Adventure: Dream World

Hey everyone!
Recently I went to Dreamworld and it was loads of fun. I had not been to a theme park in a while. I went on my first proper roller coaster!
I did learn that I am not really a rides person, I do not really like heights and I hoped to get an adrenaline rush but that did not really happen. I ended up being on rides holding on partially with my eyes closed waiting for it to be over. They have good rides don't get me wrong and who I was with had a a blast. I also think its great for people of all ages with the variety of rides they do have.

The interesting thing is that I really enjoyed the animal aspects of Dreamworld.
They have a Tiger area which I saw the tiger show which was super amazing. I love these things and I would love to work at a zoo doing thins kind of stuff one day. I really love animals and honestly could have spent a long time with the animals.

* I also recently went to Australia zoo (the Irwin one) comment if you would like to hear about that adventure

Anyways I did really enjoy my day so I thought I would share some of the photos I took!

The Well-Known Globe

Look at this huge bird I think it is super cool 

Dingos these ones are so cute if I am honest they were 3 siblings 

Tiger Show :) 

Bumper Cars something that Was not to scary for me

Isabelle x

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

I am back again!

Where have I been? 
Well I guess the fact that I had mentioned previously I was visiting my boyfriends and moving soon would help anyone wondering. 

It has been a while since I have posted almost two weeks maybe even, two weeks by the time I get to some free wifi. It has been an especially long time considering I was posting practically everyday. 

I will not be resuming to post everyday but I will be posting again often. With my usual wide range of posts. I have recently moved house and although the wifi people said we would have wifi when we moved it turns out we do not. Thats always the way isn’t it? Or is it just my luck with wifi? 
Does anyone else always have wifi problems when the first move in? 

I miss reading the lovely comments people leave me, and cannot wait to get wifi again! 
As always,

Isabelle xxx


Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Plane Tickets : WanderLust

I am that girl that is always buying plane tickets. It makes sense because I am in a long distance relationship. Going back to the place I know, and lived for the longest I have anywhere else in my life.
Being able to notice every little thing that has changed. It may be an adventure but it doesn't feel like that. I do love to visit don't get me wrong. I long for when I move there in November that then I may be able to spend that money on new adventures, not knowing where I am and being able to just explore. Have fun enjoy the moment.

I wont have to travel to see my boy. So I long for the time when we can travel together or even when I can solo travel. Feeling the travel bug coming on. I think it is a great thing to travel while you are young before a lot of the sucky adult responsibilities kick in. So I cannot wait till I am sharing with you guys more of my crazy, amazing exotic adventures. Seeing the beauty of the world, like Princess Jasmine one the magic carpet.

Until then I will be enjoying life.
Making the most of the known everyday happenings, not taking anything for granted.

With Love,

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Adventure : Ice Skating

Hey everyone!
Recently I was on a trip to the Gold Coast. I had heaps of fun on this trip.
In this trip we went Ice Skating, I have a decent amount of experience Ice skating so I thought I would be okay. The thing about Ice skating is that it is NOT like riding a bike! Every single time I do it lately I am horrible. I blame this on not having great balance. I still have blisters from this experience.

You may be wondering why I am sharing this experience with you. It is because I want to tell you that is was a lot of fun, the next day I was at Dream World and I was like I want to be Ice skating right now. Even though I fell on my butt a lot I still had so much fun. I made friends and gained a new experience. I was honestly nervous to do this, fall in front of everyone.

That in mind I think everyone should do things out of your comfort zone. It can be as simple as Ice Skating. New experiences build you as a person. Pushing yourself will lead you to achieve great things no one has every achieved much staying in the safety bubble. You may find something you love, I really enjoy this and would love to actually develop a the skill.

So my friends do something this week that pushes you out of your comfort zone!
Hope you enjoy the photos that I have to share of it, it was a really nice rink.

Isabelle xx

Sunday, September 17, 2017


I went to Sydney and we went  to this cute little place to eat, anyways it was delicious we went for breakfast but it was awesome and then it followed with us shopping my goodness Sydney has the best shops especially compared to where I lived in Canberra. This was a fun adventure with my friend.

Isabelle xxx

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Moving: Packing Tips

Hey Everyone!

Moving, this has almost become my specialty. In about 12 months by the end of the year i will have moved 3 times. Kinda crazy I know. 

Though I figured that i meant i am qualified for giving you tips. Especially when two of three of these moves will be interstate. and more then just the next one over!

Let me know in the comments if this is something you would be interested to hear more about over the next few weeks.

So today I will be telling you about packing tips: 

When deciding what to take to your new house you are likely to get rid of a lot of stuff. Most people don't go through there stuff and get rid of what you don't need regularly enough. 
This is a list of things you may want to consider, or what you should  generally get rid of (of courser there are exceptions):
- expired things anything that you are holding on to thats expired should go( (ie coupons, makeup, food)
- old things you dont use or need, like mail or just junk hanging around your house
- outgrown clothes, socks without pairs
- broken things you are holding on to saying you will fix but probably never will
- stuff you don't use
- things you don't like but don't want to get rid of in the thought of wasting your money 

When should you pack things? 

4 weeks out of move
- Pictures , decor, books, off season clothes 
3 weeks out of move 
-linen, knick knacks, board games, things you are storing, craft supplies
2 weeks out of move
-toiletries, kitchen, start clothes and closets, office supplies
1 week out of move
- clothes, rest of kitchen, electronics, medication and toys (if ya have kids)

* Bonus tip you can get boxes for free from places like grocery stores or other stores, I would recommend looking around. 

  Good luck, 
Isabelle xx
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Friday, September 15, 2017

Circle Mirror Decor Trend

Hey everyone, 

Recently I have been seeing a lot of the circle mirror decor in houses. I love this trend if I am honest. I think it is really pretty and goes in so many places. 
Here is a list of some of the reasons I love it:
- It is such a simple way to add something to a room. 
- It goes well because it doesn't have to be perfectly angled. 
- Works well with a minimalistic look but with any look too.
- Also works in small places 

Here are some pretty ways I have seen it used on Pinterest:


and a photo of me with a small circle mirror 

Isabelle xx