Oatmeal Breakfast Vegan

Hi lovelies,

Recently, I have been working at eating a lot healthier. This is a breakfast I have grown to love and has become a complete staple in my diet. I'm loving it so much I thought I would share it with y'all.

1/2 cup rolled oats
1 cup Soy Milk (or any milk)
1/2 Tbsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp brown sugar 
1 tsp Peanut butter (optional)
handfuls of:
blackberries (plus any other berries I have on hand)
Almonds (or any nuts)

I just put the oats in, and milk and microwave it for as long as it suggests on the oat package. Then add the topping its as simple as that and honestly so delicious.

See ya all next time!
Isabelle xxx

Working Outside

Something totally lovely about living in a hot country is being able to enjoy the sun at all times. A great time I have found recently is while I am working on my laptop. My old house had a beautiful balcony that was very large and we had a huge dining table on it, that was perfect for getting the last bit of my schooling finished at. We were on top of a hill and would get a magnificent view to distract me from monotonous class work. The inside of my house often was fairly hot being Queensland and all, though outside on the deck was shaded and often cooler as you could feel a slight breeze. 
Sadly that chapter of my life is over, and I will definitely be reminiscing on that part of my life. Where are your favourite places to get work done? Do you need to always be inside? Would the view be too distracting for you?  Sadly this is a short post, but I am feeling if I start at least regularly posting short posts Ill be able to get out more content for you guys? Then create a habit…

My Best Friend.

We all need a friend. Most people even have a very best friend.  Oh hi btw!  Nice to see you popping on to my page again, always love your company.  Anyways, my best friend is actually my dog Stanner. I know unique name ay? I always dreamed of getting my very own puppy and one day we did just that, it was love from day one. 
Though it wasn't until 2017, that he literally meant the entire world to me (he already meant a heck load dont worry). The past year I did school online, and he kept me company every single day.  I moved to a new state and we spend countless hours exploring together in the beautiful sun running around ovals, chilling in the cool grass.  He snuggled up next to me as I watched Netflix in the evening, I cared for (mostly cleaned up after) him post seizure. Kept him company when he couldn't sleep in my own bed because we worried he would have a seizure. I once even slept on my laundry room floor with him. I am eternally grateful for his company during the yea…

2017 in Review

Happy New Year! 
Wow we all got through another year, what a hectic year its been. I thought I would share with y'all a little post recapping the crazy year I have had! 

“Life is not short; you just have to do more” 
What a true quote! Below is a load of 2017 milestones in good old list form:
-I did a year of Long Distance although this started in the end of November 2016 my entire year until November (it was almost exactly a year) I was in a long distance relationship. Although this was hard it was totally worth it and one of the things I am proudest for getting through. -On the same point of a relationship, for the first time I had a 1year Anniversary! Yay go us. -I moved Interstate twice ish (moved then spent a month there and then back to where I lived before so didn’t feel like I moved till end of January)(My moving tips here) -I caught my first flight alone (A post on travel here) -Then caught many more flights -I went to a school Formal and with a date that’s a pretty worthy bon…

Year 12 Formal - Success

I made it, I completed my education. 14 years of my life were spent dedicated to this single purpose. Pretty much my entire memory is from being in school. If you are wondering why its 14 where I did Kindergarten you were meant to do it for 2 years as we did a week of English then a week of French. Education is important this is the truth.
It may be important but what I am learning is far more important than education is learning to learn, and obtaining knowledge. Knowing how to learn and continuing to learn is a life long commitment. I may have finished school but I am still eager to learn as I hope I am the rest of my life.
I intend and will learn and obtain knowledge today and tomorrow and I will say this tomorrow as well. As many of you know of the common saying 'knowledge is power' it supports in showing the importance that it carry's. My goal was to complete school. Now that I have completed that goal it has adapted into wanting to be successful in life. Everyo…

Christmas tree fruit

Hey everyone xx

Here in Australia it is summer for Christmas so the cozy food doesn't always work, so to anyone who is struggling to find some food that will work in hotter climates. this tree in my own opinion will be a brilliant idea. The kiwi and then any fruit can be used as decorations, to create an aesthetic refreshing treat.

I may have some shorter posts this month as I am trying to produce a bunch of Christmas ones for you all!

Isabelle x

The love

Hey all its me again thanks for coming back to my little spot on the internet!

I tend to write in the evenings, its a relaxing thing to do before bed. As I have mentioned before I love writing and I looking back at a little bit that I wrote the other night:

"I play the smile on your face, the sound of your voice the look in your eye,
over and over again on repeat.
The broken record playing in my head
allows me to remember the pure beauty I was graced with.
I see the pureness of your soul. I feel the love you radiate through your skin.
Reminiscing on the way you make me feel loved, I marvel on my luck on how I managed to stumble into your presence.
You are my home,
my safe haven. "

 This reminded me about how far I have come since the start of 2016. How far even him and I have come. We started a relationship, we did a year of distance and now I am back in the city I started. We both finished school. What an adventure, I am truly grateful to have got through distance. To cont…